In June 2020 the project "Studies of neutron stars, black holes and..." has started!
JUICE has started its journey to Jupiter!

In Laboratory of Satellite Applications of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) currently work is being done in several projects for satellite and aerial applications, mainly related to FPGA. The laboratory employs 15 people, including two PhDs and three PhD students.

FNP logo "Future control and data handling unit for platforms and payloads for microsatellites" project is developed in CBK in period 1.10.2018 - 30.09.2021 from Foundation for Polish Science TEAM TECH program financed by Europaen Regional Development Funds in frame Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014 -2020 (PO IR). The Project proposes the concept of On Board Computers for platforms and payloads for microsatellites, implemented and based on ATMEL ARM SAMV71 processor and a reconfigurable (dynamically and partially) FPGA. The product will be ready for further commercialization (TRL6) in different space applications.The project concludes the wide participation of MsC and PhD students gaining their experience in the development of real space product.

Mazowsze Development of the remote sensing facilities covered the infrastructure's upgrade and the purchase of specialized software used in the work related to the remote sensing activity - acquisition and satellite data analysis for Earth observation. This was done thanks to the co-financing from the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme for Mazovian Voivodship 2007 - 2013, Priority I - "Creating conditions for development of innovation potential and entrepreneurship in Mazovia", Action 1.1 Consolidation of the research & development (R&D) sector. In 2012 the new Laboratory of Final Functional Tests of Space Instruments was organized and equipped.

Current projects:
PROBA-3 Coronagraph Control Box for PROBA-3 mission
GLOWS Scientific instrument on NASA space mission IMAP
XIFU Design of Power Distribution Unit in X-IFU spectrometer on ATHENA mission
Completed projects:
SWI Design of power module for SWI spectrometer on JUICE mission.
STIX Instrument Data Processing Unit for STIX - X-ray Spectrometer/Telescope in SOLAR ORBITER mission towards Sun
MERTIS Pointing unit for spectrometer MERTIS in BEPI-COLOMBO mission to Mercury
CaSSIS Power Supply Unit for Mars mission ExoMars
BRITE-PL First Polish Scientific satellite
HIFI Control block for the local oscillator (HLCU) for Heterodyne Instrument for HERSCHEL mission
ASIM Autonomous control and checking system for power supply block of X- and gamma ray monitor for MXGS/ASIM/COLUMBUS/ISS satellite experiment
TARANIS Studies of electrodynamic relations between the upper atmosphere and the ionospheremagnetosphere system - project TARANIS. Phase 1: Instrument manufacturing and elaboration of experiment strategy
SPEKTROP Elaboration of imaging and spectrum analyzing systems designed for observation of remote objects Program Innowacyjna Gospodarka
RecAv Design of prototype of FPGA based, single output DCDC Converter for satellite applications. The built in 2010 prototype confirmed that the proposed idea can be used for digital feed-back loop in such applications.
strona główna Archive of Remote Sensing Laboratory (projects in 1985 - 2008)
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Fundacja Nauki PolskiejLaboratory of Satellite Applications of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) was established in 2008 thanks to the FOCUS Programme of Foundation for Polish Science supporting young scientists in obtaining independence, building research groups in the selected discipline. An area of approximately 150m2 held fully equipped electronic laboratory working underthe requirements of the European Space Agency satellite for the construction of electronic subsystems, including the requirements of the EPA (ESD Protected Area). The laboratory is fully equipped to make possible designing, building, commissioning and testing of advanced digital systems based on FPGA technology, namely: on-board computers and controllers, control systems for CCD and CMOS matrices, image processing, DSP systems allowing for signal processing of frequencies above 1 GHz and complex power systems using satellite technology to FPGAs. The laboratory was inaugurated on 19 February 2009 in the presence of FNP's Board members.

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